Thursday, April 24, 2008

DELAYED??!!! 9 Hours????

I forgot to mention that the other day when I went to Bandung,our flight home got delayed… I was not surprise when I arrive the airport because it is so typical of Air Asia… but 9 hours??? That is toooooooooooooo long…. (Apa nak buat???!!!)

The first time the flight got delayed was for 3 hours which the plane is suppose to leave at 1pm… it was delayed to 3pm…
(Or was it 4pm??), my Indonesian friends took us out for lunch (We had J.CO Donuts and McDonalds) at this nearby shopping complex and when we came back the second time while waiting for the time to board the airport, papa told us the flight home has been delayed again to 6pm…. In between the waiting, we also heard that the flight might be canceled due to bad weather!! When it was 6pm, the flight was again postponed to 9pm… and this time around Air Asia has given a complimentary ticket (one way) to any destinations…. When it was 9pm, we were still in the waiting room… At about 10pm, we board the plane…. by that time we are already given 2 way complimentary tickets each passenger to come back to any destination in Indonesia… (Valid for 6 months!!!)

By the time I reach home it was 5am and I will be working. I thought that I would just take another day off when my big boss aka Boris Merkenich called looking for me. He wanted me to make reservations for him since he will be visiting KL office….
(Apa lagi kelam kabutlah siap2 pergi kerja…. Heheheh….)


Antara aksi2 menunggu flight yang delay 4 kali!!!

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