Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was browsing the internet when I came to this website where they do online selling and buying and I saw this “Coach” bag which I suddenly felt like browsing the official website. Usually I would go to Victoria Secret and Tous as those two are my favorite brands. I can get Tous in Malaysia but can’t get Victoria Secret in Malaysia except when they sell it at the street bazaar, which is expensive, and usually are the old stocks!!! I usually get mine through friends and relatives if they were to travel abroad or come to Malaysia for holidays.

Anyway, I visited Coach official website and I fell in love with the Signature Strip Patchwork. Just gorgeous!!! I went to look for them here at the Coach Stores but they do not have it… I am not sure whether it is new arrival or it has been out for a long time. It does not matter cause to me, it is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! How I wish I could own them. Never have I imagine that I would like these expensive brands… but by just having a glance on it, I fell in love…
(Akan saya simpan duit dan cari jalan untuk “own” this bag… Hopefully when I travel to US, Insya Allah… I will have the money to buy or if I can buy it online and harap-harap it is cheap…. Apa lagi????!!!! Belilah!!! Heheheh… Will see how!!)

My dream bag for now and the matching items…

This wristlet another additional item that i would love to have!!


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