Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bandung Fever!!

The short holiday that I have been waiting for!!! 4 days in Indonesia with my husband, my parents and my extended family… well, it is something I have been looking forward for weeks… (Actually, to spending time with my parents and enjoying my first trip with my husband!!!)

Actually this trip was all paid for by my parents to all the people that had help my parents during the entire wedding that was held at my house… (dari Abang Om, to Mot’s wedding and last but not least, my wedding which was just held in February!!) A thank you gesture… An “EXPENSIVE” one, I must say…. Hahahah….

My husband and I had a blast…. Lot’s of damaged done… Need to recover soon!!! Men’s clothing is really cheap there and Kusyairy bought quite a number for his upcoming shooting… I think 15 pieces for the amount of RM400??!! Branded ones included…. (murah bangat!! Kalau nak compare to the amount if we were to buy in KL!!)

Not only that, I bough a lot of material to sell… Me and my husband to tend to sell it to friends and if the business is good we will decide to have a small business of our own. I will still be selling cookies (Motz Hazel Choc Cookies, Mots Godilocks and Mots Sugar Cookies) and cakes during raya… (There will be additional this Raya 2008!! Just wait and see!! Surely, i wll let you guys know.... Orders are welcome!!).I will be selling the ‘telekung’ during the haji period too. Feel free to find me if you need any of the items. As for now we are selling via direct selling and I guess will come with website soon… Order via email. (Semua ni dilakukan hanya untuk mendapat income yang lebih... Kalau tak successful, will find other options!!) Hopefully I can come with a website....


Pictures of Mr and Mrs Kusyairy

Just me being chicky...

Doing what I do best.... Shopping...

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