Friday, March 21, 2008

Tayangan Unggul versus Berita Harian…

In my previous blog, I did mention that I would write about the futsal match Kusyairy had the night before… Anyway, it was fun… As usual they were latecomers… We thought that we were going to be late but there were more latecomers!!! Hehahahah….

Anyway the match starts about 9pm… Kusyairy did score goals… 2 or 3 goals!! And Tayangan Unggul won!! Yeah for Tayangan Unggul!!!

After the match, there was some interview sessions… I sat quietly at one corner since it has nothing to do with me except that they were interviewing all the celebrities including Kusyairy with photo sessions too…
(Sape lah saya nie??? Saya Cuma wife pada Kusyairy and sebelum ni pun kerja di belakang tabir… which I don’t mind at all!!)

Anyway, there were some celebrity that turn up that night too… antaranya ialah Liyana Jasmay, Ainul Aishah
(which I was not sure who… pelako baru…), Raja Farah (she is such a friendly and nice girl… Sebelum ni ada dengar citer yang dia ni sombong but I guess I have to disagree… She is nice…), Danny x-factor… and others… I don’t really know their names… Just that Kusyairy has acted in films with Liyana Jasmay, telemovie with Danny and some dramas with Raja Farah…

When the night ended, I concluded that never actually listen or read to rumors and believe them 100%…. Raja Farah is not that as bad as she has been portrayed in magazines or in the news….

Hrmmm… Let’s check some pictures I have taken that night… Enjoy!!


Looking all stressed up!! Mana tak dah lambat and tak jumpa tempat futsal!!

My baby in action!! 2 goals for sure...

After the game... Smile for the camera!!

The winner is.... TAYANGAN UNGGUL!!

Kusyairy and the girls...

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