Saturday, March 29, 2008

How I spend another weekend...

It was a “FUN” weekend for me. I went to a warehouse sale (not just another ordinary warehouse sale but it was the Mattel Warehouse sale!!) and also went for a day trip to Kuala Pilah with Kusyair’s family. Simply superb… Enjoy myself.

Last Friday after work, Feisal and I went to PJ for the Mattel Warehouse sale. Kusyairy was having a shoot at The Curve for his hosting program. When we arrive they were not many toys left but I manage to but some Barbie dolls, Pocket Polly, Uno cards and also CARS… It was damn cheap… I bought 7 items and only paid RM85??? All the items were only between RM3 to RM10 except for the one I bought for Kusyairy, which was RM40 – Lightning McQueen
(Is the spelling correct?? I am not sure!!). I went to toys r us to check on the price it was RM129.90!! Good bargain I must say….

I went again on Saturday to get the CARS for Yasmina but everything was sold out. It was only 11am and what left was Barbie dolls which the boxes are all torn and dirty… I concluded that the warehouse was just good to be true sale… I will go again if Mattle were to have another warehouse sale… I will not miss it!!! Since I was waiting for Kusyaiy as he has to do voice over just around the corner of the warehouse sale, I went to Jaya 33
(3 minutes walk jer) … OMG!! They have nothing in there… I was only there for 10 minutes… maybe less and I was out of the mall… BORING is the word!!

I waited for Kusyairy at the lobby of the production house. At night Kusyairy had to take photograph for a wedding. Kusyairy’s family and I went to visit his brother’s house in Cheras. We watched Akademi Fantasia
(which was not great at all!!!). Later, Kusyairy join us and we when leparking at L with his friends….

On Sunday, as early as 7 we were up getting ready for our trip to Kuala Pilah for his cousin’s wedding. We were there at 10.30am and it was HOT!!! I feel like were in the oven… Just like my late grandmother’s house… Hhehehe… Anyway, the wedding when well and we left Kuala Pilah at 2.30.

Since Kusyairy and I have not be spending some quality time together, we had dinner just the both of us and when to One Utama. Bought Gundam and Fisher Price’s toys. It was great weekend… In four days we will be in Bandung…. YEEEEEEAAAAYYYYYY!!


These are the toys I bought from the warehouse sale!!

This is for my Baby.... He love's it!!

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