Thursday, March 20, 2008

Down with 3 virus – Fever, Cough and Flu

I was to exhausted to even take a shower when I reach home yesterday. I was down with a slight fever, cough and flu. I have been sneezing since morning. To my surprise, Kusyairy had the same thing… the 3 viruses, but mine was worst except for the cough.

After taking a shower, we went to eat. Kusyairy wanted me to have some hot soup and went to the Restaurant in Taman Ehsan… It is very near to Kusyairy’s house. The food wasn’t as good as it use to be but makan jugaklah!!!

On our way to the restaurant we actually passed a crime scene, which is so near to my house. It was about 5 to 8 minutes walk. There were so many police officers and the resident of that area came out to get a full detail of the crime. When we were on our way home, there were still a lot of people.
(Tapi kali ni lagi banyak orang!!) Police officers has double up. The K-9 Unit could be seen at the scene. (Tapi tak nampak plak “The Forensic Unit”!!). When I reach home (ala Kak Nam) I was telling my parents what I saw. To my surprise my parents knew about it because my mom went out earlier to Guardian to get some toiletries. A friend of mom is staying at the same row and informs us that an Indonesian made was killed. The maid has been working to a Malay family for the past 6 years. (A murder happens at the area where I am staying??? SCARY!!!) It was in the newspaper today.

Once I got home after dinner, I slept till morning. Kusyairy went out to get more of our wedding pictures from Abang Abu. I did not even realize when he left and when he came back. I was deep in my sleep.

Today I will be accompanying Kusyairy for a futsal match with Utusan Malaysia. He will be representing Tayangan Unggul. I would write about it on my next blog…. Till then…

These picture is taken after I shower. Cute!! (I laugh and laugh and laugh!!

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