Monday, February 11, 2008

Wedding Photo shoot by Abang Abu aka Abu Nikon

Penat masih belum habis lagi… and we had a photo shoot to go to… Out door!! It was HOT!! (Worth it though!! The pictures takes was fantastic. I love them all!!)

It was just a day after helping my aunt and my mom for a farewell party for my uncle -Shara’s father!! who has been a pilot for MAS Airlines for ages!!! At least 30 years… Imagine cooking for 200 people. For the first time, I saw my aunt kelam kabut. All this while she has always be the cool relax person… Hehehe… Shara and I did help out… In our own ways!!

Back to the photo shoot. It started at 11am and ended roughly at 5.30pm!! (Bayangkan kepanasan yang terpaksa I tempuhi??OMG!!) All in all I use 3 dresses – Lenga, the dress I wore at Kusyairy’s house and also the one at the reception, the white dress!!

Abang Abu brought 2 other photographers. Imagine… They were taking photographs at every angle. (At my wedding was better, I had 5 photographers!! Pictures were taken at every angle!!! Nicey!!!)

Mom serves pizza for lunch… Not home bake but from Domino’s!! Heheh… We had a blast. My dad joins us later and entertains Abang Abu with his music collection.

I have A LOT of pictures of Kusyairy and myself. (A lot!! Bayangkan kalau the deleted ones were 900 pieces. Imagine how many pictures I have??!!) I would not be able upload all!! So, here’s a few of Abang Abu’s touch…


-The tycoon and wife-


  1. sgt sweet! kim salam kt abg beto.minat sgt kt dieeeeeeee!!!!!!lakonan die sgt best n mantop! leh gntikan aaron aziz :D