Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sending me off to Kusyairy’s house…

Both, me and Kusyairy were so tired that we can’t wait for everything to be over with. (Not that we are not happy or excited… but it was tiring for both of us… For days of not enough sleep??!!)

We got up as early as 9 in the morning to get ready for “Bertandang” ceremony. This is when my parents would have to leave at Kusyairy’s house. I will be sleeping at his house. It’s like a the welcoming to the family thingy. (I did have some tears with me when I see my family leave… Gosh… Kusyairy was so sweet!! He told me that he is not taking me a way from my family, he just wants to be a part of it!! I am so lucky!!)

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The theme is Kusyairy’s house is green and pink. My two favourite colours. We arrived late at his house. It was about 2pm. The initial plan is to be at his house and 1pm but because of some matters from my side (Sorry sweetheart!! You were there with me and I think you know what happen!!) We were late…

After the merenjis, we all had our lunch. To both our surprise, (Kusyairy and I, obviously) we took our sweet time eating at the main table. At least an hour!! (Bleh ker?? Hehehe…) Anyway, the chicken was just superb… Very the tasty!!

It was time to take pcitures then!!! Photograph session… A LOT of pictures were taken!!! (Banyak sangat!!) Camera addict I must add!!

All was done… Wedding is all over. It took us months to plan and it was worth it. I am grateful to my parents and Kusyairy’s parents for making a memorable one.

Mama and Papa, thank you for giving me the best wedding a daughter could have. I could not ask for more. You guys are the “WORLD” best parents… Love you both… (“,)

Mummy and Abah, thank you for accepting in your family.

To the guys out there (to whoever it may concern)… I’m officially Kusyairy’s!! All taken! (Hahhaha.. macam lah I ni hot stuff!! I guess I found the perfect match)


Off to Kusyairy's house...

Kusyairy's house

Mr and Mrs Kusyairy... Smiling for the camera!!

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