Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Party time!! (",)

Bersanding at my house when smoothly. Thanks to my parents that everything when well as planned. Since I like the color pink... (A big fan of the color pink!! Papa will say... Enough with the 'PINK'!! Heheh...) Color theme for the day is pink and gold.

Everything was at place and we waited for the groom to come. At 1.30pm the groom came with the family. As usual Shara will always be at my side giving me the support and I need. (Thanks Shara... I know that my hair is so degil!!) She was definitely a big help.

After all the merenjis (Nasib baiklah 3 pair from each side... kalau tak, Kusyairy and I can die of 'kepanasan'... ) it was time for us to have our lunch. A main table was already set for us...The food was delicious. I wish I could eat without worrying my dress will get dirty!! (I so have to eat after everyone goes home... and get some rest for the reception tonight... Another event for my friends!!)
We took dozens of pictures... It was tiring!! With Abang Abu trying to get a picture of every angle he can possibly get... (It was worth it... after seeing the outcome of the pictures... It was really worth it!!)

At night, we had a so call reception for just my friends and my parent's close friends. There were also cake cutting and also "poco-poco" which I find it awkward but it was fun... (Thank you papa for the effort...) There were live band through the whole night. I like the concept at the reception as it is more like the hawkers aka stall style. There are variety of food for my guest to choose ... Eat what you like!!! The food was fantastic... (Comments from my friends!!)


Check out the pictures of both the function at my house...


I am waiting for the arrival of my husband

It's time to meet the bride and groom

Mr and Mrs Kusyairy Zakuan


This is taken before Kusyairy and I greet our guests

Cutting the wedding cake!! (",)

Dancing time : Poco -poco!!

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