Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Farewell Lunch for Uncle Jalil

We were at Staffield as early as 8 in the morning. It was juat a day after my wedding at Kusyairy's house. We had to help my aunt out for her farewell lunch for my uncle. (Dah pencen lah katakan... Heheh...) He has been working for MAS Airlines as a pilot for more than 30 years.

There was going to be a golf tournament and then followed by lunch prepared by my aunt and my mom. Imagine cooking for 200 adults... (Lelaki yang baru habis main golf?? Just imagine how hungry they will be and we did not cater but making home cook food!!) It was a request by Uncle Jalil!!!

It was my first outing with Kusyairy as husband and wife... (",) We were still feeling exhausted but helping Mak Yang is a must. Kusyairy became the photographer for the day since he has nothing to do. Uploaded some pictures taken by my husband, Kusyairy.. (first time ni tulis husband!!)


All the fuss was for this uncle of mine... Uncle Jalil!!

Tears... all because of the onions!!

My panic aunt... It's almost lunch time, but we are still cooking the dishes!!

My mom frying her famous mee siam... Shara and I, doin what we do best, menyemak!!

Food is serve!! (",)

The Farewell Lunch

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wedding Photo shoot by Abang Abu aka Abu Nikon

Penat masih belum habis lagi… and we had a photo shoot to go to… Out door!! It was HOT!! (Worth it though!! The pictures takes was fantastic. I love them all!!)

It was just a day after helping my aunt and my mom for a farewell party for my uncle -Shara’s father!! who has been a pilot for MAS Airlines for ages!!! At least 30 years… Imagine cooking for 200 people. For the first time, I saw my aunt kelam kabut. All this while she has always be the cool relax person… Hehehe… Shara and I did help out… In our own ways!!

Back to the photo shoot. It started at 11am and ended roughly at 5.30pm!! (Bayangkan kepanasan yang terpaksa I tempuhi??OMG!!) All in all I use 3 dresses – Lenga, the dress I wore at Kusyairy’s house and also the one at the reception, the white dress!!

Abang Abu brought 2 other photographers. Imagine… They were taking photographs at every angle. (At my wedding was better, I had 5 photographers!! Pictures were taken at every angle!!! Nicey!!!)

Mom serves pizza for lunch… Not home bake but from Domino’s!! Heheh… We had a blast. My dad joins us later and entertains Abang Abu with his music collection.

I have A LOT of pictures of Kusyairy and myself. (A lot!! Bayangkan kalau the deleted ones were 900 pieces. Imagine how many pictures I have??!!) I would not be able upload all!! So, here’s a few of Abang Abu’s touch…


-The tycoon and wife-

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sending me off to Kusyairy’s house…

Both, me and Kusyairy were so tired that we can’t wait for everything to be over with. (Not that we are not happy or excited… but it was tiring for both of us… For days of not enough sleep??!!)

We got up as early as 9 in the morning to get ready for “Bertandang” ceremony. This is when my parents would have to leave at Kusyairy’s house. I will be sleeping at his house. It’s like a the welcoming to the family thingy. (I did have some tears with me when I see my family leave… Gosh… Kusyairy was so sweet!! He told me that he is not taking me a way from my family, he just wants to be a part of it!! I am so lucky!!)

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The theme is Kusyairy’s house is green and pink. My two favourite colours. We arrived late at his house. It was about 2pm. The initial plan is to be at his house and 1pm but because of some matters from my side (Sorry sweetheart!! You were there with me and I think you know what happen!!) We were late…

After the merenjis, we all had our lunch. To both our surprise, (Kusyairy and I, obviously) we took our sweet time eating at the main table. At least an hour!! (Bleh ker?? Hehehe…) Anyway, the chicken was just superb… Very the tasty!!

It was time to take pcitures then!!! Photograph session… A LOT of pictures were taken!!! (Banyak sangat!!) Camera addict I must add!!

All was done… Wedding is all over. It took us months to plan and it was worth it. I am grateful to my parents and Kusyairy’s parents for making a memorable one.

Mama and Papa, thank you for giving me the best wedding a daughter could have. I could not ask for more. You guys are the “WORLD” best parents… Love you both… (“,)

Mummy and Abah, thank you for accepting in your family.

To the guys out there (to whoever it may concern)… I’m officially Kusyairy’s!! All taken! (Hahhaha.. macam lah I ni hot stuff!! I guess I found the perfect match)


Off to Kusyairy's house...

Kusyairy's house

Mr and Mrs Kusyairy... Smiling for the camera!!

Party time!! (",)

Bersanding at my house when smoothly. Thanks to my parents that everything when well as planned. Since I like the color pink... (A big fan of the color pink!! Papa will say... Enough with the 'PINK'!! Heheh...) Color theme for the day is pink and gold.

Everything was at place and we waited for the groom to come. At 1.30pm the groom came with the family. As usual Shara will always be at my side giving me the support and I need. (Thanks Shara... I know that my hair is so degil!!) She was definitely a big help.

After all the merenjis (Nasib baiklah 3 pair from each side... kalau tak, Kusyairy and I can die of 'kepanasan'... ) it was time for us to have our lunch. A main table was already set for us...The food was delicious. I wish I could eat without worrying my dress will get dirty!! (I so have to eat after everyone goes home... and get some rest for the reception tonight... Another event for my friends!!)
We took dozens of pictures... It was tiring!! With Abang Abu trying to get a picture of every angle he can possibly get... (It was worth it... after seeing the outcome of the pictures... It was really worth it!!)

At night, we had a so call reception for just my friends and my parent's close friends. There were also cake cutting and also "poco-poco" which I find it awkward but it was fun... (Thank you papa for the effort...) There were live band through the whole night. I like the concept at the reception as it is more like the hawkers aka stall style. There are variety of food for my guest to choose ... Eat what you like!!! The food was fantastic... (Comments from my friends!!)


Check out the pictures of both the function at my house...


I am waiting for the arrival of my husband

It's time to meet the bride and groom

Mr and Mrs Kusyairy Zakuan


This is taken before Kusyairy and I greet our guests

Cutting the wedding cake!! (",)

Dancing time : Poco -poco!!

All Done!! (“,) I am Mrs Kusyairy

Nothing can describe the feeling I had the day I became Kusyairy’s wife. It was just simply superb… Now, at this very moment, I am already Kusyairy’w wife. I am married to the person I love… It’s a dream come true ya’ll!!

It was on February 1st, 2008 approximately 9.26pm when I was officially Kusyairy’s wife. Kusyairy only had to do it once and we are married. He was looking absolutely fantastic in his white baju melayu. Looking nervous I must. Just look at this picture!!

Shara aka Rah Rah Rhoommmm was my pengapit and she was by my side all the time. Since morning till it was the time for me to be ushered out where I will witness my husband to be at that point of time take my hand from my dad. I am no longer going to be a burden to my dad… (Ye ker?? Selagi my dad is around, I know that he will take care of me not matter I’m married or not!! Hehehe.. Like mama say… I am the apple to my dad’s eye… )

Shara and I. Don't we look gorgeous?? YEAH!! We do!!

Kusyairy was then asked to go and pray before he he can put the ring to my finger. (Acara batalkan air sembahyang… and also the first official kiss… The kiss to be remembered!!)

After the akad nikah.. All the guests we invited to have some refreshment that my parents had catered. We then had the “Berinai Besar”. I was asked to be seated first and they were renjis-merenjes thingy. It was a touching moment when Kusyairy had to merenjis me… Heheh.. I was touched!!! Hehehe… We had a blast… Laughing all the way…

Mak Chut was the person in charged to put the inai on Kusyairy fingers. (Three fingers only!!) After that, Kusyairy head home to prepare for the next day’s event, which will be the bersanding and the reception at my house. Two occasions in one day??? Read it on my next blog...


Friday, February 1, 2008

Single for another day!!

Today is the day where I would have my inai done the last day of being single. Shara and I went to go do our hair at Peek-A-Boo at The Curve. I had my hair blown straight while Shara had her hair curl up. We had a long conversation, Shara and I about life and Nisha. She too misses Nisha dearly. We were saying how it would be great to have Nisha with us… It would be crazier and more fun!!! Shara say something very sweet to me… Even though it would not be the same like having Nisha with me, but it was just sweet of her… She told me that she would be there for me like Nisha would be there for me… It was sweet… Whenever both of us wanted to cry.. We told each other not to…

It was time for both of us to get ready and Shara went home to her house to get ready. I was left alone to get a bath and also wait for Gmah (my makeup artiste for the day!!) Actually, it was her waiting for me… She did a good job. The make up was not bad at all… It was light yet makes me look gorgeous. Tonight event will be a “Bollywood Nite”… I will be dress in “RED” lenga… A beautiful lenga. Mom and I had bought it at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. We had to wait for almost 2 hours to get it altered to my size… It was big… Hahahah…

The Berinai went well… Shara was in a Punjabi suit, which I wore for Nisha’s Malam Berinai. She looks gorgeous too… After everything was done, the real thing inai put on to my fingers. My friend Abby, is the one yang put the inai on to my fingers… With a lot of people commenting. (Abby KRU, I have to mention here…Thanks babe, I appreciate it!!)

Tomorrow will be the Akad Nikah, Bersanding, and The Reception and followed by the Bertandang!! I would probably be writing again after this entire event is done… Till then…


Looking at you (",)

The crazy couz... doing what we do best!!

Cit Jet, Me, Shara, Baby, Sharinza and Gmah (my make-up artiste)