Friday, February 1, 2008

Single for another day!!

Today is the day where I would have my inai done the last day of being single. Shara and I went to go do our hair at Peek-A-Boo at The Curve. I had my hair blown straight while Shara had her hair curl up. We had a long conversation, Shara and I about life and Nisha. She too misses Nisha dearly. We were saying how it would be great to have Nisha with us… It would be crazier and more fun!!! Shara say something very sweet to me… Even though it would not be the same like having Nisha with me, but it was just sweet of her… She told me that she would be there for me like Nisha would be there for me… It was sweet… Whenever both of us wanted to cry.. We told each other not to…

It was time for both of us to get ready and Shara went home to her house to get ready. I was left alone to get a bath and also wait for Gmah (my makeup artiste for the day!!) Actually, it was her waiting for me… She did a good job. The make up was not bad at all… It was light yet makes me look gorgeous. Tonight event will be a “Bollywood Nite”… I will be dress in “RED” lenga… A beautiful lenga. Mom and I had bought it at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. We had to wait for almost 2 hours to get it altered to my size… It was big… Hahahah…

The Berinai went well… Shara was in a Punjabi suit, which I wore for Nisha’s Malam Berinai. She looks gorgeous too… After everything was done, the real thing inai put on to my fingers. My friend Abby, is the one yang put the inai on to my fingers… With a lot of people commenting. (Abby KRU, I have to mention here…Thanks babe, I appreciate it!!)

Tomorrow will be the Akad Nikah, Bersanding, and The Reception and followed by the Bertandang!! I would probably be writing again after this entire event is done… Till then…


Looking at you (",)

The crazy couz... doing what we do best!!

Cit Jet, Me, Shara, Baby, Sharinza and Gmah (my make-up artiste)

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