Sunday, December 23, 2007

The story behind Kusyairy’s Wedding invitation cards…

It tooks us our 6th trip to Klang before we got the card printed correctly. I was already angry with the person in charge… aka Mona. The first time we went there to get the cards, the cards were not ready and not even printed. Only the envelope was ready. The weird and funny thing is that somebody from their side had call Kusyairy informing us to come pick up the cards. The cards are ready for collection…(hmrmm… sapelah yang agaknya telefon?? Buang masa dan minyak jer pergi Klang. Bukannya dekat!! About and hour drive to go and to come back!!!)

So they told us to give them another 2 days, which we did. Upon arrival at the shop in Klang, (fourth time ok!!!) we notice that the card is printed using the wrong color!! Imagine we had to pay extra 30 cents for each card so that the fond will be printed in gold but we end up getting it in maroon… They ask for another 5 days. Which we did give them the 5 days!!

On the 17th of December, we went to Klang for the 5th time to collect our cards. We were so happy until Kusyairy found an error in the card. The date is printed wrongly??!! I was about to lose my temper when I just walk out of the shop. (Tak faham betullah… macam mana bleh salah print since the previous card was printed correctly. I have even finalized the card for the third time!!! Kusyairy was about to burst when they ask for another 3 days???!! I told them that if there are more mistakes after this they have to deliver the cards to my house or Kusyairy’s… Yelah… up and down Klang consume a lot of petrol!!! Card pun dah jadi lagi mahal!!!!)

On the 21st, Kusyairy went to collect the cards and the cards belum siap even after I called Mona to confirm the time to collect the cards!!! Mona told me to come collect the cards at 4.30??!!!! Kusyairy went ther at 5 and the cards belum siap?? Belum sampai??? (Bodo betullah!!! Apa lagi…. I called Mona ask give her a piece of my mind… She called me back and say that the cards will be there in 5 minutes… It was not 5 minutes but instead it took them half an hour.) My brother had to fetch me from the LRT station since Kusyairy is stuck at Klang waiting for the cards…

Hehehe…. Dugaan!!!

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