Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shaggy’s performance was GREAT!!!

Shara and I wanted to see Whitney from the day we know she was coming to town. The only thing was, I did not want to pay for the tics since I have so much things to pay, specially since the wedding is just around the corner and also because of the trip to Bangkok and I must mention here that I will have to pay for Victoria Secret stuff I ask my aunt to buy in New York… (gile banyak nak bayar…. Hrmmm.. I will manage, Insya Allah!!)

When we were having lunch at Midvalley, her brother called and say that he will be getting free tics but will only be able to confirm later in the evening to how many tics he will be giving us.

It was when Shara, Abang Om, Kusyairy and I were heading to Uptown for dinner when Sharain called and told Shara that there are 3 tics. Shara, Sher (Shara’s friend… very the funny guy… kepala pun gile-gile macam shara and I) and I went for the concert… We were so excited to see Whitney Houston.

After all the Malaysian artistes perform, Shaggy and Whitney concert begun. The crowd enjoyed Shaggy’s performance. So did I… Shaggy sang Angel, Mr. Lova Lova, It wasn’t Me, A new single from his album and many more… It was very entertaining…. After performing more than 7 songs, it was Whitney’s turn… took her at least an hour or was it more??? Before she came out to perform, by that time everyone was tired.

I was so tired of standing and I told Shara, I am going to the back.I was suffocating. (Bau orang punya ketiak ok??!! Gile busuk!!) I no longer want to be at the front of the stage. When we were about to make a move to the back Whitney came out… (Bleh ker??? Begang betul!!) It was not as good as we hoped for… After watching Whitney perform 2 of her songs we decided to go home… Poor Whitney!! Alot of people left when she started performing...

We were so tired. Shara had to leave her car at my house and Sher had to drive her back. I have to wake up early at 8.30am for the Aussino warehouse sale. Shara woke up 12.40pm… hehehe… Opps… (Sorry ara...I mention it here… )

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