Thursday, December 27, 2007

Missing the past...

It was during Kusyairy’s discussion with the Production Manager for an upcoming drama he is suppose to act in when I have the feeling of missing what I used to do… TV Production… I miss the traveling, the excitement once the program is done, the satisfaction when the program is aired on TV and most of all I miss the nature of the job.

I listen to them (the crew of Duranni and also Kusyairy’s upcoming telemovies he is featuring) bitching about how terrible the previous production there were working for. How tiring and disorganized and so on… I guess everywhere is the same. Back when I was working for Astro Production, I remember the dissatisfaction my colleagues use to have with the management. Somehow, there are times I feel the same way too… It’s normal…

I remember there are times when my editing time begins at 2am!! And ends at 8am… and continue dubbing sessions at 11am for another 4 to 6 hours or so?? (lupa plak nak mention that the previous day I was in the office up to 6pm??!! Bleh ker?? Tapi masa tu macam dah jadi satu kebiasaan… now, I missing every bit of it!! The editing, the dubbing, the countdown and banyak lagi lah…) Imagine the long hours?? Somehow, I still miss those times… It is surely an experience to me… Deep down in my heart I wish I could go back into doing productions but I know it is not going to be suitable for me in the near future.

Imagine the life Kusyairy and I will be living?? We might only me like few days in a month?? Probably when he is out for shoots, I will be at home and when I am out for shoots, he will be at home… I guess it is something I have to sacrifice…. For now… (“,)

Now, I am working as an Administration Officer at CFC Seymour Limited, an investment company based in Hong Kong. It is more a relaxing job… not to mention working hours and Monday to Friday only!!! (tapi kadang rasa otak tak mengembang… tak banyak sangat kerja lagi… but cannot deny the fact that gaji and also the benefits are better here… Cuma job satisfaction tu kuranglah…)

Oh yeah… working for AMP aka Sinar FM was also fun. Was traveling around Malaysia almost every weekend to do events. It was fun and exhausted at times. Problem was the politics were terrible and I did not like it at all… (Politics are everywhere but AMP’s politics is terrible!!)

I was leading this on-ground team called ‘Ejen Sinar Ford Escape’ which is similar to Skuad Era Avanza and also HotFM MyVi Zoomers. There were 6 of us in the team with 3 girls and 3 guys.

I was the first lady coordinator aka special events executive in AMP. The other 6 are guys… (ni yang rasa bangga ni… hehehe….) After working there for a year, I decide to quit the job. The job has become a routine and there were no more challengers anymore. (I was offered a better job to be exact with better pay and better perks!!) I left… It was hard but it was for the better…

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"Ejen Sinar Ford Escape" : Tisha, Zeyra, Zie, Jaja, Zam and Shah

The launching of Ejen Sinar Ford Escape

My last event with the Ejen... :(

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Raya mode : with the latest addition to our team, Syed Iskandar... aka Ejen Iskandar...

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