Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Interesting weekend!! Wuuhoooo….

I had a very interesting weekend this week. I went to the warehouse sale on both days, Saturday and Sunday. It was tiring but it was worth it!! Love it… I have gone once, back in my production days in Astro. It was Adidas warehouse sale in Shah Alam. Till today I still have one baby-t that I still have, unused… (sayanglah… masa tue, I tengah gile main futsal, so I bought a couple of baby-t… but there’s a particular one yang I sayang nak pakai pasal it’s embossed and it’s gorgeous!! Hehehe…. I know that I have to use it… Imagine the baby-t is already 3 years old!! Not used!!)

Shara and I started out our journey to Cheras… (warehouse sale for Toys!!) as early as 8am but only reach the place at 9.15am. It took us longer than we thought, as we were going round and round. (padahal, the warehouse was just around the corner where we have actually pass about 10 times!!!) We bought nasi lemak and had breakfast in the car since we wanted to save time… We want to reach early so that we can have a better selection of toys. It was not that fantastic but there are toys that it is really cheap… I was hoping to buy some Barbie but there aren’t any. (similar macam Barbie adalah… but was not interested in it…) I spend RM99 for 6 items. I bought for my niece, my future niece and also for Kusyairy. I bought an action figure for Kusyairy… (Gundam or apa ntah… it was cheap… from RM150, it was mark down to only RM65!!)

After that we head to Midvalley for lunch. We had chicken rice at Chicken Rice Shop… We did not buy anything, just did some window-shopping. Trying to safe for our trip to Bangkok this mid December. There will be more shopping to do there in Bangkok… Yeeehhaaaaaa…

Shara and I wanted to get some rest before going to Live and Loud, got free tickets from Ain… (Thanks Ain!) but Shara had to go do her curtains for her room and I had to go to another warehouse sale at Kompleks Selayang… Aussino. I planned to go to warehouse sale with Kusyairy but end up going with Kusyairy’s sister, Nana. Kusyairy had to go for a last minute casting. The producer called him to come at 2pm.

The Aussino sale was superb!! By the time I reach there, nothing much is left. Nana bought to lovely bedspread for only RM49.90. (for both ok!!) So, I decide to go again the next day with Kusyairy, which I did. We were there 35 minutes before it was open. (gile banyak manusia!!!) Everyone was going here and there grabbing everything that they can grab… Kusyairy stayed at one corner, and I was doing the grabbing.

I tried grabbed all the bed sheet, pillows, comforters, quilt covers… Everything that I think is suitable for both Kusyairy and my room… Then at the corner where Kusyairy was standing is where we both decide which we both agreed for our rooms. Then it was Kusyairy’s turn to go for the grabbing sessions… Hehehhe… It was an experience for both of us. We had to wait almost an hour to pay for our stuff!! It was fun but tiring. We were able to have our breakfast and lunch only at 12.30pm.

I bought a lot of stuff for my room and also for Kusyairy’s room… It was good. There will be another sale this coming weekend. I surely love to go. (Kusyairy is willing to take me… Yeay! Yeay)

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