Monday, December 17, 2007

Bangkok CANCEL!!

There goes my trip with Shara to Bangkok. We had to cancel the trip since Shara was not well. She had to go for a nose surgery. I know that she will be out of the hospital but I did not want to take the risk, as Shara is not fully recover. If she were to suddenly fall sick there, what am I going to do??? Hmrmm… I guess luck was not on our side… Some other time k Shara??… (Probably I would go with Kusyairy after our wedding?? It would be fun…)

So that weekend, Shara and I went to the Street Bazaar at the Curve. I told Shara to pretend that as if we were at Chatucak, Bangkok… Heheheh… (the only difference is that in Bangkok the prices would be cheaper and that the are more to see and buy!!)

To not waste any of the annual leave I took, I went out with my mom. We did some shopping for the wedding. I bought a “lenga” for the malam berinai. It is red in color and it is beautiful. I guess the theme for my malam berinai will be Bollywood. Mom and I plan to serve India food to our guests… Roti canai, Tosai, Capati, with curry, dal and many more… (yet to be confirm!!)

We also went to the tailor for fitting. My dress for nikah is almost ready. Belum buat beading jer lagi!! It is gorgeous. Simply beautiful. I am so happy with it… My other dresses are not ready. I have to wait for the next fitting which will be two weeks from now…

My mom and I went to even go buy my bed at One Utama. The bed is fit for a princess… That’s what I told my mom when I first saw it. My mom liked it too. The bed will be send to my house on January 15th… Lepas ni kena shop for my mattress plak… I might ask my parents to go with me to where Kusyairy bought his mattress for his room. (would see how, since papa has a friend selling mattress… papa might be able to get a cheaper price!!)

Sheeessshhh…7 more weeks and my wedding cards belum order lagi??? How come???

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