Saturday, December 8, 2007

~ The Arrival of my Victoria Secret ~

I was out with Sharinaz. Teman dia pergi buat threading. I wish I had the guts to do it. Whenever I tell myself to try it out, mesti I back out when I reach the place… Hmrmm… but I really have to do it before the wedding!! It would be good...

After that we had coffee at Coffeebean, Bangsar Village II. Met Encik Shahfeisal there. He was with his family. He is no longer in Astro. He opens his own business with another friend. He gave me his card but told me not to share with any of the Astro staff... nak (Hmrmm… Nak share ngan sape Encik Shah?? i pun dah tak keep in touch ngan orang-orang Astro. I better give him a call, manalah tahu bleh dapat part time job during weekends. As if I don’t have anything to do lah kan?? Hmrmm… Never mind, I would find the time even if I have cookies to bake…)

Sharinaz wanted me to follow her to Ampang. Nak hantar script to a talent for event tomorrow. I agreed to follow her until I remembered that Mak Ita would be coming to the house with all my Victoria Secret…. (Sheeeshhh… Victoria Secret is on the way!!!! Sorry Sharinaz…. Tak jadi plak I nak pergi ngan you… Been waiting for my Aunt to come back…)

Mak Ita is back from New York with all my Victoria Secret!! WHOAAAHHHH!! YEEEHAHHHH…. Hrmmm… Could not stop smiling!! Mak Ita bought for me everything that I ask for… Bestnyer!!! Anyway, it cost me almost RM600!! It was worth it!! Love them all… Got the “pure seduction” and the “love spell” collection and also the “very sexy” make up!! (Thank you Mak Ita!!)

Hmrmm… Wedding dah dekat tapi lagi banyak plak belanja untuk benda lain… Hehehe.. Dugaan!! Macam mana nie???

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