Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tick Tock Tick Tock The Clock is ticking....

Confirm dates?? Whoah…. Having less than 3 months before the wedding is …. Exhausted!! It was only a couple of days ago when Kusyairy’s parents came to the house for dinner to confirm the big day… It’s all set on the 1st of February for the Nikah, 2nd will be the reception at my house and on the 3rd will be another reception at Kusyairy’s home. Another reception is yet to be confirm… Masih dalam perbincangan… (I’m getting married??Hell yeah…)

After confirming the date Kusyairy and me started shopping for our big. Preparing for the receptions and also the nikah and not to forget the room too. Banyak jugak pakai duit!! ALOT!!!

After visiting a lot of showroom we found a bedroom set that both of us agreed on… (“,) The delivery will just be around the corner and Kusyairy dah pening kepala… Bilik kena paint, kena clean up… I guess to make space for me?? After agreeing on a bedroom set, we had to go look for the mattress as it is not included… Ya Allah, mahal nyer mattress!!! After this we have to shop for the bed sheets….

That is only for Kusyairy’s house… Mine??? More things to do and things to throw???!! *sob* Being the baby and the princess of the house… I have a lot of stuff which I love keeping walaupun there is not usage of the item!! (“,)
(Mana tak, each item mesti ada kenangan, betul tak?? Alasan pasal sayang nak buang!! Heheheh…. But, I realize that I have to get rid of them since I have to make space for Kusyairy… Sharing is caring betul tak sayang???) I guess in less than 3 months, I will be having 2 rooms… One in Taman Tun and the other room will be in Taman Ehsan… until we get our own place… Hopefully in a year… Less I hope!!!

This coming weekend we will be attending our kursus kahwin at Bangsar. After postponing it for 2 consecutive weeks!! I guess this time we will go… Unless… something comes up!! Which I hope not… I am attending this kursus kahwin thingy with Abby and Adzril.
(Abby, we better go to this kursus kahwin thingy and get over it ASAP!!!) I was told that this kursus kahwin thingy is a boring affair…. I guess I will write about it once I attended it… hehehe…

Even when I know that my wedding is around the corner, Shara and I planned to take short trip to Bangkok this December. I guess my last outing before having a hubby...

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