Friday, November 30, 2007


Since Christmas is just around the corner… Every shopping mall in town is going down with ‘sale’… If only I am not getting married, I would be running to the shop and grabbing all the good bargains. Hmmrmmm… I am still able to do some shopping though… Shopping for my room, shoes for the wedding ceremony and other stuffs too (tapi barang kahwin jer lah kan…)

Anyway, I plan to go to 4 warehouse sale this weekend. (Aussino, Dreamland, Designer brands (Guess ok??!!) and Branded Toys Promotion) All the locations are located at different area in Kuala Lumpur. (I would try my best to go to all four… kena bawak Kusyairy to the Aussino and also the Dreamland… We have to some shopping for the wedding…)

I also have to finish up my hantaran shopping. There are 3 more “hantaran” I need to buy. It will cost me a bucket but it’s for my future hubby… Anything for him!! (“,) I know Kusyairy will do the same for me too… We want the best for each other…

I remember being in States for Christmas… It was many many years ago… The Christmas shopping there is FANTASTIC… Everything is “extra” cheap…. (Kalau Guess tue… gila murah… boleh dapat jeans at RM80?? Baby-t at RM25??? Original ok! Auggghhh… Wish I were there…. Would buy the whole departmental store if I have the money… Hahahahah….) Since my Aunt is there with her family and there will be Christmas sale there, I have ask her to get me some of my stuff from Victoria Secret. Gmah uploaded at my friendster a picture of those items… Argghhhh…. I am so excited!! (Mak Ita, cepatlah balikkkkk…. Tak sabar dah nie… Heheheh… & Gmah, I am so jealous of you… I so have to go there next year… )

Let just see if I would be able to go to the warehouse sales as planned or I will end doing something else…. Which is very normal of me….

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