Friday, October 5, 2007

Motz's Hazel Choc Cookies (",)

Motz's Hazel Choc Cookies anyone?? I am selling cookies not just for the festive season but also throughout the year... I take orders for hampers, cookies, cakes, muffins and also cupcakes... (",) As for now, I am promoting my Motz's Hazal Choc Cookies...

Motz's Hazal Choc Cookies taste really good!! I guarantee... All my customers and friends are happy with the cookies... They say it's nice and taste very good and the way I pack my cookies are exteremely beautiful... (Auwww!!Sungguh terharu... I'm flattered!!)

The cookies are made from butter, brown sugar, whole hazel nut, corn flour, flour, cooking chocolate and not to forget almond nips!!! I like the biscuit to the cookies without the chocolate but Kusyairy loves the cookies with EXTRA chocolate... Hahahah... Abby loves the chocolate only.... (Baik makan chocolate jer!! Hahah... Jangan marah babe)

You guys might feel that Motz's Hazel Choc Cookies will just taste like London Almond!! It is similiar but the difference is I use a whole hazel nut in the biscuits and pour chocolate on top of the biscuits and showered it with alot of almond nips on the top. I name my it Motz's after my late sister... Friends and customers did ask me why I do not put or use my name... (No special reason, just want it to be named after my late sister... My other cookies are also name after her... Motz's Sugar Cookies, Motz's Goddilocks and many more... Ada berangan nak name my little business "From Motz's Oven"!! Cool tak??) Come on support my little business... so any orders??

It has been almost two months since I have started baking cookies... (Bukannya I tak buat all this years... hehehhe...) Everyday after work, I will head home after berbuka puasa... If I were to berbuka puasa with Kusyairy at his house or anywhere else which is not home and spend most of my time in front of the oven... I will bake till 1 in the morning just to make sure that my cookies will be delivered on time... I have taken a lot of orders and I have to make sure my clients will be satisfied with it!! (",)

Hope for many more orders to come... Check out my cookies... Will upload more picture of my hampers and other cookies soon... Just email me at for orders!! (",)

- @pinkbyarcht@

Smile for the camera!! (",)

Chocolicous... Nyum!! Nyum!!

After all the bakings!!! I stillhave the smile on the face... (",)

Mot'z Hazel Choc Cookies

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