Monday, November 5, 2007

A day out with Mom

After all the postponing, at last my mom and I when to the tailors to send my material for the wedding. It was 9 in the morning, on a Saturday (I must say!!)

Brought along with me are all my Martha Stewart, Pengantin and also the Brides Magazines just to have my dresses done the way I have pictured it. In total, I would have to make 4 dresses, which will be use for the Nikah, Reception at my house and Kusyairy’s house and also a modern dress for a reception for my friends … that is yet to be confirm. Having only four occasions but making ‘FIVE” dresses!! (“,) It was mama’s suggestion, as she wanted me to have choices.
(Thanks mom, you are the best!!! )

After all the argument and also disagreement, we manage to agree on four designs for four dresses.
(Tapi tak semua yang I like, I manage to have it, as the material are not suitable!! All I can say is that my dresses are gorgeous… let’s just wait for the outcome!!) It took us almost four hours!! An hour for a dress. Mama and I have to go and find another material for my modern dress… Another day out with mama… which I am not sure when… hehehe… More shopping.

We then did this mother and daughter thingy. We went to One Utama. Mama bought a blouse at Ms Read and then we head home with lots of bread!! Whole meal, white bread and also bread yang ada banyak kacang tue!!!
(Had to balik since Kusyairy is taking me out for dinner…)

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Not only my mother but my bestfriend too!! 

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