Sunday, November 4, 2007

A day out with the crazy couz...

After all the plannings, at last we the crazy couz, (Shara, Baby and I) went to Pavillion. Baby drove us there…. Selalunya when we go on our outings, Shara will drive us!! As for Baby and I, it was out first time to Pavillion… Shara dah pergi with her friends…

We were there for about 1½ hour. We did not buy anything but me and Shara fell in love with at least 3 Zara’s hood sweatshirts!! (For now, I have two of it and Shara has three!! We bought it at One Utama and Midvalley at different occasions!!)

The only thing we bought was J.Co donuts. I had to line up for almost an hour before getting to pick and choose the flavors to my donuts. The queue was ‘long’… I have tried the donuts when I was in Jakarta. It was lovely!!! My mom’s favorite I must say. Her favorite is “Tira Miss U”. I bought her three pieces. I like the Oreo. I bought 9 donuts for my house and 6 donuts for Kusyairys family. (Shara and Baby pun beli!!!) Try the donuts, simply ‘Fantastic’….

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Superbly Yummy!!

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