Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carl's Jr Rawks!!

It was early Saturday morning when we actually had to go register for the Kursus Kahwin at Bangsar. Met Abby and Adzril at Bangsar Niaga and we registered ourselves. It took us less than half and hour and it was only 10am Kusyairy and I decided to have breakfast and lunch before the seminar cum course.

While driving to Midvalley, I suggested to Kusyairy to catch a movie, since we have to report at 2pm in Kerinchi.We had three movies in mind, The Kingdom, Enchanted (my choice), and Hitman. It would not be fun for Kusyairy if he were to watch Enchanted so I let him choose and we watch The Kingdom. (It was ok, good effects but somehow the storyline wasn't that fantastic.)

The movie will start at 11.20, so we wanted to have something to eat. Initially we wanted to have KFC (Finger licking good) While buying our tickets, I saw Carl's Jr and I told Kusyairy we should try it out. As usual, Kusyairy agreed!!!

Two burgers, a drink and fries, it cost us RM45.67!!! It's expensive, but it was worth it. Fantastic burgers I must say (",) I had the Chili Cheese Burger (Mama you will love this!!) and Kusyairy had the Mushroom Burger. I would have to bring my parents here. They too would love it!!

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