Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another step closer to my wedding preparation…

Kursus Kahwin is a must for all Muslims to attend before getting approval from the authority before the nikah… I remember Mot telling me it was a boring affair and I should ask a friend along since our partners will be seated separately. With knowing that fact, Abby and I decided to attend the course together. Kusyairy has 2 other childhood friends with him too… As they too are going to get married. Eddie and his fiancé got engaged the same day as I did with Kusyairy.

We paid a day earlier to book our places. Even by doing so, we still have to come and register at Bangsar Utama at 9am and then report at Kerinchi at 2.30pm. Kalau tak tempat yang dah di booking akan diberikan kepada orang lain… I wonder what is the motive of us paying a day earlier as requested if even after paying the fees and securing our places, we still have to come and register and report ourselves at 2pm??? Macam menyusahkan jer kan?? (What to do??? Nak kahwinlah katakan… ikut jerlah…)

On our first day of kursus kahwin, Abby, Fara and I were seated at the first row. Imagine?? We were late… All three of us!! Heheheh…. (Padan muka, lambat lagi…. Dah lambat, jawapnyer duduk depan lah…) We had to listen to every single lecture walaupun it was really boring. No choice. The next day, I came early, as I did not want to sit at the front row!!! Imagine having to listen the lectures for almost 12 hours while seating at the first row…Nooooooo…

Overall the kursus kahwin was ok… There are some fun topics but there are boring topics too… I keep on yawning and I almost fell sleep at one of the topics. It was on the health thingy. Nasib baik Abby was next to me and say, “Mok, it is so obvious!!”….

Another thing that I have to add here is that every break we have, the refreshment that we were serve was Kek Pisang with Teh ‘o’ Ais with extra sugar. I do think that Zura Akademi should give a variety of cakes… For two whole days, we had the same refreshement!! (Aiayakkk…. Kalau nak safe budget pun , bagilah butter cake ker… Sponge cake ker…Tukar-tukaralah ngan Kek Pisang…)

After this, they will be more things for me and Kusyairy to do… All the permohonan and the forms we need to buy and fill up… More unnecessary process…. And not to forget HIV test… Itupun kena pergi beli borang kat JAKIN for me and JAIS for Kusyairy…. Hrmmmm….

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Check out the pictures I took…

First Day:

On the way to Kursus Kahwin… (Me in my tudung…. Gorgeous tak???)

During the registration at Bangsar Utama, Bangsar. Kusyairy & I and Adz, Abby & I

Second Day:

Sempat lagi bergambar sebelum lecture starts... (",)

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