Friday, November 30, 2007


Since Christmas is just around the corner… Every shopping mall in town is going down with ‘sale’… If only I am not getting married, I would be running to the shop and grabbing all the good bargains. Hmmrmmm… I am still able to do some shopping though… Shopping for my room, shoes for the wedding ceremony and other stuffs too (tapi barang kahwin jer lah kan…)

Anyway, I plan to go to 4 warehouse sale this weekend. (Aussino, Dreamland, Designer brands (Guess ok??!!) and Branded Toys Promotion) All the locations are located at different area in Kuala Lumpur. (I would try my best to go to all four… kena bawak Kusyairy to the Aussino and also the Dreamland… We have to some shopping for the wedding…)

I also have to finish up my hantaran shopping. There are 3 more “hantaran” I need to buy. It will cost me a bucket but it’s for my future hubby… Anything for him!! (“,) I know Kusyairy will do the same for me too… We want the best for each other…

I remember being in States for Christmas… It was many many years ago… The Christmas shopping there is FANTASTIC… Everything is “extra” cheap…. (Kalau Guess tue… gila murah… boleh dapat jeans at RM80?? Baby-t at RM25??? Original ok! Auggghhh… Wish I were there…. Would buy the whole departmental store if I have the money… Hahahahah….) Since my Aunt is there with her family and there will be Christmas sale there, I have ask her to get me some of my stuff from Victoria Secret. Gmah uploaded at my friendster a picture of those items… Argghhhh…. I am so excited!! (Mak Ita, cepatlah balikkkkk…. Tak sabar dah nie… Heheheh… & Gmah, I am so jealous of you… I so have to go there next year… )

Let just see if I would be able to go to the warehouse sales as planned or I will end doing something else…. Which is very normal of me….

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carl's Jr Rawks!!

It was early Saturday morning when we actually had to go register for the Kursus Kahwin at Bangsar. Met Abby and Adzril at Bangsar Niaga and we registered ourselves. It took us less than half and hour and it was only 10am Kusyairy and I decided to have breakfast and lunch before the seminar cum course.

While driving to Midvalley, I suggested to Kusyairy to catch a movie, since we have to report at 2pm in Kerinchi.We had three movies in mind, The Kingdom, Enchanted (my choice), and Hitman. It would not be fun for Kusyairy if he were to watch Enchanted so I let him choose and we watch The Kingdom. (It was ok, good effects but somehow the storyline wasn't that fantastic.)

The movie will start at 11.20, so we wanted to have something to eat. Initially we wanted to have KFC (Finger licking good) While buying our tickets, I saw Carl's Jr and I told Kusyairy we should try it out. As usual, Kusyairy agreed!!!

Two burgers, a drink and fries, it cost us RM45.67!!! It's expensive, but it was worth it. Fantastic burgers I must say (",) I had the Chili Cheese Burger (Mama you will love this!!) and Kusyairy had the Mushroom Burger. I would have to bring my parents here. They too would love it!!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another step closer to my wedding preparation…

Kursus Kahwin is a must for all Muslims to attend before getting approval from the authority before the nikah… I remember Mot telling me it was a boring affair and I should ask a friend along since our partners will be seated separately. With knowing that fact, Abby and I decided to attend the course together. Kusyairy has 2 other childhood friends with him too… As they too are going to get married. Eddie and his fiancĂ© got engaged the same day as I did with Kusyairy.

We paid a day earlier to book our places. Even by doing so, we still have to come and register at Bangsar Utama at 9am and then report at Kerinchi at 2.30pm. Kalau tak tempat yang dah di booking akan diberikan kepada orang lain… I wonder what is the motive of us paying a day earlier as requested if even after paying the fees and securing our places, we still have to come and register and report ourselves at 2pm??? Macam menyusahkan jer kan?? (What to do??? Nak kahwinlah katakan… ikut jerlah…)

On our first day of kursus kahwin, Abby, Fara and I were seated at the first row. Imagine?? We were late… All three of us!! Heheheh…. (Padan muka, lambat lagi…. Dah lambat, jawapnyer duduk depan lah…) We had to listen to every single lecture walaupun it was really boring. No choice. The next day, I came early, as I did not want to sit at the front row!!! Imagine having to listen the lectures for almost 12 hours while seating at the first row…Nooooooo…

Overall the kursus kahwin was ok… There are some fun topics but there are boring topics too… I keep on yawning and I almost fell sleep at one of the topics. It was on the health thingy. Nasib baik Abby was next to me and say, “Mok, it is so obvious!!”….

Another thing that I have to add here is that every break we have, the refreshment that we were serve was Kek Pisang with Teh ‘o’ Ais with extra sugar. I do think that Zura Akademi should give a variety of cakes… For two whole days, we had the same refreshement!! (Aiayakkk…. Kalau nak safe budget pun , bagilah butter cake ker… Sponge cake ker…Tukar-tukaralah ngan Kek Pisang…)

After this, they will be more things for me and Kusyairy to do… All the permohonan and the forms we need to buy and fill up… More unnecessary process…. And not to forget HIV test… Itupun kena pergi beli borang kat JAKIN for me and JAIS for Kusyairy…. Hrmmmm….

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Check out the pictures I took…

First Day:

On the way to Kursus Kahwin… (Me in my tudung…. Gorgeous tak???)

During the registration at Bangsar Utama, Bangsar. Kusyairy & I and Adz, Abby & I

Second Day:

Sempat lagi bergambar sebelum lecture starts... (",)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hunting for Invitation Cards

It is not that I don’t have anything to do in the office but whenever I have some extra time, I will be browsing the Internet to look for wedding cards. Getting ideas from every website that I can go… But, I could only see and not have the cards done for the wedding because most of the cards I like are made in States and by the time they have it done and post it to Malaysia it would cost me a bucket… *sigh*

I tried getting quotes vie email…
(From printing companies in Malaysia, ok???!!!) Till today, and it has been almost a week, I still have note gotten any reply. Probably they do not check their emails, but if they don’t why do they actually have an email address?? Baik tak payah ada email address kan??? Tried calling too but they seem to not answer the phone… With that, I decide to go hunt the cards myself with the help of my fiancĂ©…

After a wedding of my fiance’s friend, we decide to start hunting for the wedding card even without having a confirm date for the ‘BIG’ day… We went to this printing shop in Kepong… As I entered the shop, I found a couple of cards I like. Whenever I ask the quotes, the lady will say… ‘Ohh… Ini kad mahal… Kalau print manyak baru murah…’ I was annoyed and irritated.
(Who cares kalau mahal ke tak?? I bukan tanya kad tu murah ke mahal, I wanted to know the price… Simple… I was not even bargaining… Argghhh….) I just walk out of the shop…

It was only a week after that which Abby and Adzril took us to the place where they were printing their wedding cards. Kusyairy found a card that he like and I agreed to it as I have seen on the Internet and I like it myself… Kusyairy has place his bookings but by this time, we had our confirm dates already…

The cards are called pocket cards and are gold in color. The fond will also be in gold… Which I think is very impressive… The pricing is quite expensive
(RM1.60 each card) due to the amount of cards requested are not up to 500 pieces!! With everything almost confirm, we have to make another trip to Klang… (opps… I forgot to mention that the printing shop is in Klang) to send the map to Kusyairy’ s house. We just have to come to finalize and approve the mock up card before it is printed!! The cards will be ready by mid December…

As for my house, I have not decide yet as I need my parents approval… Nampak gaya tunggu lagi lah…. I still want to have the picture of my tepak sireh which Abang Abu took during my engagment… It is beautiful…. (“,)


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tick Tock Tick Tock The Clock is ticking....

Confirm dates?? Whoah…. Having less than 3 months before the wedding is …. Exhausted!! It was only a couple of days ago when Kusyairy’s parents came to the house for dinner to confirm the big day… It’s all set on the 1st of February for the Nikah, 2nd will be the reception at my house and on the 3rd will be another reception at Kusyairy’s home. Another reception is yet to be confirm… Masih dalam perbincangan… (I’m getting married??Hell yeah…)

After confirming the date Kusyairy and me started shopping for our big. Preparing for the receptions and also the nikah and not to forget the room too. Banyak jugak pakai duit!! ALOT!!!

After visiting a lot of showroom we found a bedroom set that both of us agreed on… (“,) The delivery will just be around the corner and Kusyairy dah pening kepala… Bilik kena paint, kena clean up… I guess to make space for me?? After agreeing on a bedroom set, we had to go look for the mattress as it is not included… Ya Allah, mahal nyer mattress!!! After this we have to shop for the bed sheets….

That is only for Kusyairy’s house… Mine??? More things to do and things to throw???!! *sob* Being the baby and the princess of the house… I have a lot of stuff which I love keeping walaupun there is not usage of the item!! (“,)
(Mana tak, each item mesti ada kenangan, betul tak?? Alasan pasal sayang nak buang!! Heheheh…. But, I realize that I have to get rid of them since I have to make space for Kusyairy… Sharing is caring betul tak sayang???) I guess in less than 3 months, I will be having 2 rooms… One in Taman Tun and the other room will be in Taman Ehsan… until we get our own place… Hopefully in a year… Less I hope!!!

This coming weekend we will be attending our kursus kahwin at Bangsar. After postponing it for 2 consecutive weeks!! I guess this time we will go… Unless… something comes up!! Which I hope not… I am attending this kursus kahwin thingy with Abby and Adzril.
(Abby, we better go to this kursus kahwin thingy and get over it ASAP!!!) I was told that this kursus kahwin thingy is a boring affair…. I guess I will write about it once I attended it… hehehe…

Even when I know that my wedding is around the corner, Shara and I planned to take short trip to Bangkok this December. I guess my last outing before having a hubby...

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Monday, November 5, 2007

A day out with Mom

After all the postponing, at last my mom and I when to the tailors to send my material for the wedding. It was 9 in the morning, on a Saturday (I must say!!)

Brought along with me are all my Martha Stewart, Pengantin and also the Brides Magazines just to have my dresses done the way I have pictured it. In total, I would have to make 4 dresses, which will be use for the Nikah, Reception at my house and Kusyairy’s house and also a modern dress for a reception for my friends … that is yet to be confirm. Having only four occasions but making ‘FIVE” dresses!! (“,) It was mama’s suggestion, as she wanted me to have choices.
(Thanks mom, you are the best!!! )

After all the argument and also disagreement, we manage to agree on four designs for four dresses.
(Tapi tak semua yang I like, I manage to have it, as the material are not suitable!! All I can say is that my dresses are gorgeous… let’s just wait for the outcome!!) It took us almost four hours!! An hour for a dress. Mama and I have to go and find another material for my modern dress… Another day out with mama… which I am not sure when… hehehe… More shopping.

We then did this mother and daughter thingy. We went to One Utama. Mama bought a blouse at Ms Read and then we head home with lots of bread!! Whole meal, white bread and also bread yang ada banyak kacang tue!!!
(Had to balik since Kusyairy is taking me out for dinner…)

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Not only my mother but my bestfriend too!! 

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A day out with the crazy couz...

After all the plannings, at last we the crazy couz, (Shara, Baby and I) went to Pavillion. Baby drove us there…. Selalunya when we go on our outings, Shara will drive us!! As for Baby and I, it was out first time to Pavillion… Shara dah pergi with her friends…

We were there for about 1½ hour. We did not buy anything but me and Shara fell in love with at least 3 Zara’s hood sweatshirts!! (For now, I have two of it and Shara has three!! We bought it at One Utama and Midvalley at different occasions!!)

The only thing we bought was J.Co donuts. I had to line up for almost an hour before getting to pick and choose the flavors to my donuts. The queue was ‘long’… I have tried the donuts when I was in Jakarta. It was lovely!!! My mom’s favorite I must say. Her favorite is “Tira Miss U”. I bought her three pieces. I like the Oreo. I bought 9 donuts for my house and 6 donuts for Kusyairys family. (Shara and Baby pun beli!!!) Try the donuts, simply ‘Fantastic’….

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Superbly Yummy!!