Thursday, October 18, 2007

- A week without my fiance -

Imagine me without Kusyairy for a week???!! I'll be Sad!!! Rasa macam nak nangis!!! cry A week is like not having to see him for 7 days, 168 hours, 10080minutes and 604800 seconds!!! NOOOOOOOO....... What am going to do without him ?? Hmrmm... We can only sms and call... NO video calls!! Argghhh.... Kuala Selangor takder 3G coverage!! Dammnnnn....

Kusyairy will be away for a week, shooting his next telemovie!! Big Smile It's called 'Rel Waktu".... He will be acting with Zarina AF2!! Hmrmm... Just done with 'Mak, Ummi, Ibu, Mama'... now 'Rel Waktu'!! I guess I have to just accept the fact that is the nature of his job that he has to go for his shoots away from me... *sob*... (macam lah tart tak faham kerja baby kan??.. tart pun was in the same line before this!!) I am proud of him... honestly... I don't care what the world thinks about him, bottom line, I think he is a superb guy!! Just the ideal guy for me...

Anyway, let me share abit about him... In school, where I met Kusyairy (back in UiTM, Shah Alam) friends call him Beto. He was one of the popular guys and one of the good looking ones (bukan nak puji because he is my fiance but honestly he is one of the good looking ones... banyak peminat lah katakan...)in our faculty.. Mixing with the in-crowd!! Me... I was not even close to the in-crowd... I was anti-social that is what Pie says!!!Whatever lah....

4 siblings in total and he is the third child! Elder brother, elder sister and a baby sister. 3 years apart from each sibblings... Good planning I must say!!Tongue He has been raised up in Taman Ehsan, Kepong by two wonderful parents... (soon to be my parents in law!! )

Kusyairy has many friends... tons to be exact! Friends he has now, are the ones he have since he is still in dypers... (exgerate jer sebenarnya... since kindergarten to be exact...) He is loyal to his friends and will always be there for them... one of his good qualities... To be honest, his friends are just like him... Not all but most of his friends... (the one in Taman Ehsan lah... yang lain tu i tak berapa kenal...) One of the earliest friend I was introduce to is Chacha... his bestfriend. We use to hang out together in Shah Alam when both of us were still studying. Now, Chacha is married to a girl (dulu diaorang sekolah sama-sama kat Taman Ehsan!! Fate bring them together...) and just got a baby girl...

Kusyairy... As I am well aware of, he is an easy going person. He loves outdoor activities, martial arts and gadgets. He loves photography too. He hates back stabbers (No forgiveness for that!) and liars... including talam dua muka. He is a cat lover too... Loves his family, friends and.... ME!!

He loves chocolates and ice cream (Haagen Dazz to be specific!!) Dislike mamak food (Anything to do with mamak curry!!) Loves nasi goreng kampung with telur dadar... and not to forget sirap limau laici but his latest crave is apple + orange juice!!Hurmph

Let's get back to what am going to do without Kusyairy for a whole week??!! I could probably... hmrmrmm....

1. Go to the gym... (Boleh ker?? Macam malas jer)

2. Meet friends? Chill with friends? Catch up with the latest gossips? Bitching sessions???

3. Start planning on the wedding (without Kusyairy??!!)

4. Cover tidur yang tertunggak?

5. Watch One Tree Hill over and over again??!!!

Damn.... There is more to do when Kusyairy is around! I will be able to catch movies, window shopping, laugh at each others joke.... plan for the wedding... go food hunting, spend hours at the mamak store... Owh y goodness... the list can go on.... So my dearest sweetheart....Please come home quick! You are needed by me! Life is a bore without you....

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  1. sweet je bce blog sis...semoga berbahagia until jannah.. akak sllu2 la menaip kt blog..suke bce cite2 akak... adk ad sorg abg, iras dgn abg beto ^^ tu yg mr.beto jd idol adk.. n sis as idol gf abg iras akak gk.. sweet sgt..