Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding @ Carcosa

Imagine having a wedding held at Carcosa Seri Negara??!!! WOW is the word when I first got the invitation card to my cousin's wedding... Only inviting 110 guests!!! I am one of them??!!

Hmrmm... Initially I was suppose to go to the wedding with Kusyairy but since he is commited to his job (sepatutnya dah dapat time out tapi tiba-tiba the director tarik scene...) he could not attend the wedding... So, I ask Feisal to go with me... Another day out with Feisal!! Dah lah previous night we went out jugak... We had the world best Garlic Cheese Nan!!! (and seperti biasa, we did not go to the gym!! kan dah kata hangat-hangat tahi ayam!!)

Feisal wanted to strangle me... due to last minute changes of clothing!! I change my mind at least 4 times... I was not sure what I should be wearing... I wanted to use Mot's prom dress but I was afraid I will be out of place... then change to baju kebaya and then back to the dress... At last I decide to go in Baju Kebaya!! Masa tu, Feisal has already wore his formal clothing... He has to change... heheh.... Sms yang diberi oleh Feisal, 'Remind me to strangle you when I see you!!'.... I laugh at it eventhough hati masa to tengah tertekan and I was a bit angry for not having any choice of baju kebaya to wear!! (Arggghhh.... I need to get some baju kurung and baju kebaya... semua dah longgar and out dated!!!)

At about 7.45pm, Feisal came to fetch me at home. My parents went earlier... We were placed at table number 3 (my parents kena duduk kat main table!! Kesian mama...) at it was betul-betul depan the main table. Seated with one of the ex-minister of Malaysia, we did have fun... The guests on our table were all funny and cool people. Being the young ones, we did have too...

Since, it was my first wedding I attended at Carcosa, (Feisal too!!) we actually took pictures of all the food... From the appertizer to the dessert!! (Setiap kali sebelum nak makan, Feisal and I will actually take a picture...) Cuma masa the dessert, both of us terus makan... half way, baru teringat nak take picture. Apa lagi, cepat-cepatlah ambik gambar eventhough dah makan...

Once dah habis makan, it was the ambil gambar sessions... After that, it was the time for the bride and the groom to cut the cake. Cake was not serve to us.. Cuma, the bride and groom jer makan. The night ended when Aryan and Zanni took the floor and dance to a song...

Opps... lupa plak nak citer pasal The Akad Nikah!!!

The akad nikah was held at Masjid Wilayah in the morning, same day. My dad happens to be one of the saksi as the father to the bride has just passed away a couple of months ago... It must be sad not to have one of your beloved parents on their special day... Zanni was the closest to the the father...Hmrmm... Everything went well as planned...

Akad Nikah in English?? It was the first time I hear Akad Nikah in English... (Rasa macam senang giler... heheh... but my dad told us that the groom was shaking and once it was done, he says... 'that was tough'!!! hehehe....) The Akad Nikah was in English because he is not from Malaysia and does not speak Malay. Baru convert to Islam lah katakan... Aryan is from Arizona. Get the picture??

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