Friday, October 19, 2007

Another day without the fiance.... Dammmnnn....

Getting bored without Kusyairy around, I decided to ask Feisal out to the gym... He agreed.... I guess it had been such a long time since I lepak with him!! Lepas kerja, he picks me up at the LRT station in Bangsar , head home to get my gym gear and head to Fitness First in Curve.

To my surprise, I was inform by Feisal, he started work already. I was asking him so many question at one time... I keep on questioning him why was I not inform that he started work... hahah... (Walaupun I sangat jealous because he got a good job and need to mention here, good pay, I am happy for you!!) I guess you need to belanja me with your first pay... As if he never belanja me!!! (",)

Anyway, masa kita tengah ala-ala workout we keep updating each other about what we missed out while we were both busy with our own thingy... Him with his gf, his studies and 'NEW WORK'... me plak with my work and Kusyairy and also the wedding!! Hrmm... I am not sure sama ada we were working out or we were actually catching up on things... (Rasa macam 15 minutes on the machine and 30 minutes chatting!!!)

After we finish our ala-ala workout, I told him that I want to take a shower and that I will need only 20 minutes... Feisal say... 'We meet kat bawah in half an hour...' Believe it or not, I took more than 45 minutes!!! Hahah.. Kesian Feisal....!! Surprise Sorry Feichi... I was taking my sweet time... masuk the steam room for 10 minutes, took a shower, wash and blow my hair lagi.. Mintak ampun!!!

After that we head to Uptown Hawkers. We had Yong Tau Foo... Workout taklah seberapa sangat tapi bila makan, macam all the energy macam dah habis... As if we had run on the treadmill for an hour. (poyo jer!!)

While having dinner, got an sms from my parents telling me to come home... There are guests (Crin and the family - my late sister's husband and the family) at home and they are waiting for me to come home.... Damn!!! I was enjoying dinner with Feichi!! Hmrmm... With that, Feichi and I planned to go to gym again tomorrow evening... (Hangat-hangat tahi ayam jer... I think lah... Let's just wait and see....)

Later that night, I went out again with Shara (one of the crazy couz) and Cit Jet with her couz... With my brother tagging along!! We lepark at my favourite spot... Where else can it be... MOHSIN!! Mohsin Syndrom as mama says... Hehehe.... It took Shara almost an hour to decide what she wants to eat... Imagine an hour to order her food??!! As usual, she did not finish her food.... Typical Shara... (Shara loose....a nickname my sister and I gave her when were kids!!)

It will be more fun + havoc if we were to have another cousin of ours with us!! (Baby aka Elliza) Put the three of us at one place is equivelant to 'kegilaan' melanda... We will be laughing our ass off... Big Smile

The math theory to us three...

SHARA + ELLIZA + TISHA = 3 Stooges = Charlie Angels = THE CRAZY COUZ !!

Would write about 'The Crazy Couz'... soon!! (",)

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