Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Raya Celebration

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin (",)

Another Raya Celebration... Sama jer like the other 2 Raya Celebrations in the past...I guess it will be like this for many many more years to come... I will feel the emptiness and the sadness of celebrating Raya... Nothing will be the same since Opah, Motz and Boo passed away...The only difference is that this time around, I am Kusyairy's fiance. Mama told me that Raya Celebration has to be celebrated by me and in the near future I will have a family and that I will have to celebrate Raya like we use too, but how can I?? It is not as easy as it seem when all my mind can think of is Raya without Motz??? (Perasaan yang ada tue macam NO NISHA, NO RAYA!!)

I spend some time with my in-laws to be during the eve of Hari Raya...We planned to go to Jalan TAR but it was raining heavily... Half way there, I call my dad to ask how's the weather and papa told me it's raining heavily. Papa was suppose to go pick up "lemang" at Kampung Bharu. Since, it was raining, all of us decide to just turn back and go home...

Early in the morning, I woke up and iron my baju kurung... Percaya ke tidak, I did not tempah any new baju for Raya... If Motz was still around she will be angry. I remember the year she passed away was the last time I actually have a new baju kurung for Raya and it was all hers... I did not make any new ones for myself that year and Motz was upset... She told me that she will give me one, but instead she gave me all her new baju kurung...

Like the past two years, after the morning prayers, my parents ziarah Motz's house... Mama will bring flowers for her.. I could not go due to some reasons... (malu plak nak cakap kenapa!!!) but I will go visit you once I can... I will Motz!! That's for sure...

After that it was all boring... I practically stayed in my room the whole time/day... There were lots of visitors, but I guess I was not in the mood to entertain... I don't feel like answering the questions asked... Rather than being rude, I might as well just stay in the room... Lepas salam-salam... masuk bilik...

At night, Kusyairy came to my rescue... He took me out for a drink and we talk... He is aware that I miss Motz very much... I dapat duit raya!!(Dah tua-tua ni pun dapat duit raya tau... Does not matter how much I get, is the thought that counts!!!)

Another Raya goes by with nothing exciting stories to tell... probably next year will be different... Insya Allah, I will be Kusyairy's wife.... (",)

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  1. I could not go due to some reasons... (malu plak nak cakap kenapa!!! - tell me apa diaaa? heheehee