Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reunion : SMKBB Batch '97

After 10 years of leaving our home ground (SMKBB, Bangsar), this is how we do it...

On the 29th of September 2007, a reunion was held at our school canteen. Just for memory sake, we went back to our home ground... The school is so different with more buildings, more flowers and ponds, the canteen.... (Arshad cakap macam McDonald's... hahahha...) In order words, the school wasn't as cosy as it use to be... It is crowded with..... banyaklah...macam-macam!!

Initiated by Azree but end up with Khalil, Annuar and Zuwairi organizing it... The turn out was not that fantastic but we all had fun... We laugh throughout the night...We took a journey down the memory lane, mengingatkan everybody about what we did those years during our school days... Boy, was it fun!! (I guess it was my first outing with friends since my sister's accident)

The only two ladies that turn up was Ilda and me... We have not met for many many years... She is now married!! (",) (Nak jadikan cerita, Ilda & Hubby, Shahrizal & wife and me & Kusyairy are all sweethearts from the University Days... Another coincidence all of us were in the same University... UiTM, Shah Alam but different course!!)

We had Nasi Beriyani... Khalil cancel the catering since ramai yang back out... The food wasn't that fantastic but it was not the food that matters. It was the people that showed up... (tapi kena bayar RM16 per pax!! Damn... there goes my RM32)

After the makan time, we had the ambik gambar session... Heheh... With everyone trying to give instructions and ideas, it was 'kecoh' tapi seronok... Oh yeah... we even had Sara and Azad joining our reunion...

Last but not least, all my friends commented that I have lost a lot of weight... which is true... But not to worry, I am healthy!! (",) (Shahrizal, aku sihat dan aku bukan aneroxic ok??!!!) Just a matter of time before I put on all my weight back but hopefully not 68kg!! (TAK NAK!!!)

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