Sunday, September 16, 2007

Abby's engagement

On the 31st of August I attended one of my best buddy’s engagement… Who else can it be??? Abby aka Moks!!! She looks gorgeous, simply beautiful. She did most of the preparation by herself. It includes her pelamin. It was worth it Mok… I love it all!! (“,)

I could see through her eyes that she was happy and nervous too… She could not sit still. Walking and talking too much!!! Hehehe… I know how it feels… Been there done that!! During my engagement, I could not stop laughing even when Kusyairy’s mom put on the ring at my finger….

At her ceremony, I was there with most of her friends and also her family members. As usual, there will always be people with bad hearts, bitching about her ceremony. (Apa lagi kalau bukan cemburu?? They were just being jealous…) With me there, I just told Abby to ignore her surroundings and be happy since it was her day and it was up to her how she wants it to be.

“Mok, you look beautiful and I am so happy for you… Now, both of us have to start planning for our wedding. It’s a different journey now…”

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Abby and I on both our engagement day. See the similarity?? We do look gorgeous, don’t we mok??

Mok and her "hand" made pelamin... Cantik kan??!!!

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